Wednesday, 6 July 2011


After what seemed like the longest day at work, I had the longest night. Yesterday at work there was a drowning incident with a very young boy, he was okay in the end but let me tell you it is so scary to rescue such a tiny little person. In the end all that matters is that he is alive and well, but I feel so terrible he had to go through that experience, it never ever gets easier to deal with. I just keep reminding myself I did everything I was supposed to do and could have done, although it is so hard to not replay the entire scenario over and over in my mind. I was up until nearly 2am this morning thinking about him, now I am so anxious to go to work and hear that everything has worked out with his family, etc. Lifeguarding can be a very rewarding job, and often the incidents I deal with at work put life into perspective. My biggest dream in life is to attain my EMR (emergency medical respondent) course and become a paramedic. So here is to all the people who save lives every day whether you be a lifeguard or a surgeon!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Gingers ROCK. No questions asked.

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Parenting seems to come with many epiphanies, every day I come to a new realization on better ways to make every day run more smoothly. Every day I learn more about my sweet daughter. She has some of the most adorable mannerisms. Rose has seemed to have developed quite the sense of humor, she is fiercely independent, and LOVES to dance!  She turns 1 next Wednesday! I cannot believe it's almost been a year. When people say it goes fast, they mean it! So much has happened within the past year, we both have grown so much. I have matured as a parent more than I ever expected to. I feel like once you have a child the petty things in life that used to seem to important mean nothing. In comparison to the precious moments spent with your children small every day worries seem to flutter away. Not to say there aren't hard days when it feels like everything and anything is going wrong. I would never change what I have with her, she has become my best friend. I love her with everything I have and I am so glad she is mine forever!