Wednesday, 6 July 2011


After what seemed like the longest day at work, I had the longest night. Yesterday at work there was a drowning incident with a very young boy, he was okay in the end but let me tell you it is so scary to rescue such a tiny little person. In the end all that matters is that he is alive and well, but I feel so terrible he had to go through that experience, it never ever gets easier to deal with. I just keep reminding myself I did everything I was supposed to do and could have done, although it is so hard to not replay the entire scenario over and over in my mind. I was up until nearly 2am this morning thinking about him, now I am so anxious to go to work and hear that everything has worked out with his family, etc. Lifeguarding can be a very rewarding job, and often the incidents I deal with at work put life into perspective. My biggest dream in life is to attain my EMR (emergency medical respondent) course and become a paramedic. So here is to all the people who save lives every day whether you be a lifeguard or a surgeon!

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