Friday, 25 May 2012


this week I...

Drank way too much coffee and slept pretty horribly all week.

Went on many walks with my dear, Rose.

Treated myself to the prettiest bouquet of flowers.

Regrettably taught Rose to say 'no'... My two year old knows how to use that word and she does...

Only had to work for three days, what a relief. I love my job, but sometimes being around kids 24/7 can wear on a person.

Became closer with two girls I work with. I love bonding with other women. Men...? who needs 'em?

Read my horoscope. This I never do.

Got back to my art. I always go on about how I can't be forced to draw, it just comes to me. Yet when I force myself to draw I seem to love the end results.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

french vanilla

K wait what? The weekend is over? Noooo. :( This weekend was magical! Nothing extraordinary, just spent it with Rose and Cody and had a couple friends around here and there. It rained off and on all weekend, which I love, personally. We spent a lot of time out on the deck with coffee and blankets... ah yes. I am so addicted to vanilla french roast coffee... this stuff is so good. I have come to realization that most of my calories come from beverages and I'm okay with that...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

mother's day

This mother's day feels more special than the last for some reason. Maybe it's because my child actually shows affection this time around (this time last year she was only 10 months old). I love those hugs and kisses more than anything! I really don't think mother's day is about giving gifts to your mom but celebrating the bond between you and your mother. I love my mom and my grandmothers so much. I am so grateful for all three of them!


Thursday, 10 May 2012


Tonight was nice.
I got off work, Rose and I took a walk to further explore our neighborhood and grab some groceries.
I made some chocolate chip cookies and gave Rosey her bath.
Once she was in bed, I then took a bath myself and after made some mother's day cards. :))


Monday, 7 May 2012


Have you seen the new arrivals on modcloth lately? I am in love!


That last top is to die for... and what I wouldn't do for the shoes...


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

right meow

stolen from Jess, who stole it from Danielle :p


What I'm listening to... Beauty and da Beast podcast (listener discretion advised... but I do recommend you listen) and music wise, Mountain Man. They are beautiful.

What I'm eating... I have been addicted to chilled oranges, and I am really loving bulgur salads.

What I'm watching... kid's shows... hehe

Thinking about... going back to school for nursing, I need to get my butt in gear. Also thinking a lot about expanding my art into other areas of my life.

Loving... my baby girl, as usual. 

Anticipating... vegetables from my garden that is flourishing. 

Feeling thankful for... my mom, she is always there for me and I am so thankful for her.