Thursday, 2 February 2012

Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?

Dear Miss Lisa Khoury,

Clearly you have your own complex. I sincerely hope you can work through it before you might have the chance to try and imprint this closed minded way of thinking on any children. This is easily the most disappointing thing I have ever read. You just set women back about 100 years, at least the ones who will read this and feel ugly and not worth anything because maybe they spend more time educating themselves than going to the mall and getting their nails done... There is NOTHING more beautiful than a woman who is intelligent and confident with her body and appearance the way she intends it to be or not! Personally, I will take this article as empowerment, to prove all people like you wrong! Women are more than just a sex object for men to enjoy looking at, and we do hold all the power but not because we are "elegant" but because we are strong, intelligent, opinionated, have depth and personality!

Missy McKay

Lisa's opinion...

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