Monday, 31 October 2011

Personal Style.

I definitely don't think I could ever be or call myself a fashion blogger. I do not have the energy to get dressed up decently every day. Not to mention how uncomfortable it can be to wear a dress while caring for a toddler. Although, I do actually have an immense love for fashion! I love 50's dresses, cute shoes, and awesome make-up! I grew up as some what of a tom-boy, so I have a great love for comfy pants, loose t-shirts, and plaid shirts as well. I won't lie, I wear yoga pants 80-90 percent of the time, but wearing a pretty dress with a belt at the waist, some tights, and my hair down makes me feel so feminine and beautiful! Over the past, say, eight years my style has really evolved. In high school I rocked band shirts, skinny jeans, and plaid shirts almost every day (hipster?). Not to use labels or stereotypes, but I went through some "phases". haha. In my last year of high school is when I discovered fashion blogging and I really gained a love for looking great, and therefor feeling good as well! I truly believe beauty comes from the inside and shines on out, but we all feel way more confident when we think we look good. As a young-adult woman I love myself and the way I look almost all the time, we all have our bad days... Basically, I give kudos to you fashion bloggers, for being brave enough, and looking so effortlessly cool almost every day! I couldn't do it.

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