Monday, 26 September 2011

About me.

Here are a few little facts about myself for readers out there. :))

  • One day when I own a house with property I want to own goats. I think they are so cute with their beards.
  • I do not drink alcohol or do drugs. I would like to consider myself "straight edge". This is my religion. 
  • I love old Rock music. 
  • I don't know what I would do without my bike, I just love to ride far out into wilderness and forget where I am. 
  • I love my cat, she is like my other child.
  • I have been an artistically inclined person my entire life. Painting and drawing are my vice. 

  • I hate socks.
  • The smell of the ocean makes me feel nostalgic.
  • My boy friend has been my best friend for almost eight years.
  • I would love to own an aquarium in my house.
  • I have two leopard geckos, who have the cutest little hands! 
  • I am obsessed with tattoos. 
  • I wish I had multi-coloured mermaid hair.

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